A four-season resort for various unforgettable experiences.

Phoenix Park nestled amidst Gangwon-do’s clear air and clean environment will be reborn as
PHOENIX PYEONGCHANG, while Phoenix Island with the lyrical view of landscape and the beautiful
ocean view will be reborn as PHOENIX JEJU and Phoenix Park opened in 1995 as Phoenix
Hotel and Resort. With the new names, they will create a four-season vacation resort beyond
the winter of Pyeongchang and the summer of Jeju. As PHOENIX HOTELS & RESORTS’s vision is to
win customers’ hearts and time to give them happy experiences in return, it is our promise with
customers to give them the gift of unforgettable moments.
Feb 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics held (18 gold medals).
Feb 2016 Phoenix Snow Park tested for Pyeongchang Winter Olympics.
Jan 2016 Bokwang Leisure changed name as acquired by Joongang Media Network.
Dec 2015 Phoenix Park celebrated 20th anniversary of opening.
Jun 2008 Phoenix Island opened.
Jun 2008 Phoenix Park Water Park Blue Canyon opened.
Dec 2008 Phoenix Park Villa Condo Noble Swing opened.
Jun 2006 Phoenix Island established.
Dec 2005 Phoenix Park Bulsae Maru (Duke, Kiwi, Mogul, Aerial) opened.
Dec 2004 Phoenix Park Master’s Slope opened.
Dec 2003 Phoenix Park Extreme Park opened.
Dec 2002 Phoenix Park Youth Hostel completed.
Dec 2002 Phoenix Park Panorama Slope opened.
Apr 1999 Phoenix Park Membership Golf Club opened.
Jun 1996 Phoenix Park 2nd Phase completed.
Dec 1995 Glass Tower Building completed.
Dec 1995 Phoenix Park 1st Phase completed.
Oct 1983 Bokwang established.

The story of harmony with nature.

PHOENIX HOTELS & RESORTS’s four seasons always invite nature and people. The winter of
Pyeongchang presents the clear air of highland and dynamic sports, while the summer of Jeju is
a chance to experience the view of lyrical land and the pleasure of endless ocean. This is the
value and essence of PHOENIX HOTELS & RESORTS’s brand that shares various joyous experiences.

The new PHOENIX HOTELS & RESORTS writes the story of harmony with nature and people.

Brand Identity

The brand identity representing the harmony of nature and people.

The logotype, which is PHOENIX HOTELS & RESORTS’s Brand Identity, has been created based on
two circles that represent harmony. The logotype symbolizes the various joyous experiences
offered by PHOENIX HOTELS & RESORTS with the smooth curve and rhythm of its shape and
expresses the brand value we pursue.
Brand Identity
Brand Structure
PHOENIX HOTELS & RESORTS is the corporate brand that combines
the two sites of PHOENIX PYEONGCHANG, a mountain resort with a ski course and a golf course,
and PHOENIX JEJU with the vast field and beautiful ocean.
Brand Structure
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