2. Introduction


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High-class Theme Spa made of Clean water of region Gangwondo

Leisure pool type theme water park Blue Canyon made by clear air of Gangwondo and clean water of deep valley. Blue Canyon, outdoor 12,442.28m², indoor 9,893.91m² , total 22,336.19m², will be a special gift of Phoenix Park for you.

Make your own pleasant and exciting memories with your family, friends, and loved ones in Blue Canyon harmonized with blue water, sky, and valley just like the ancient times. 2017 Summer, Phoenix Blue Canyon will present the best pleasure and cosiness

How to use

  • Ticket box
  • Entry gate
  • Changing room
  • Blue Canyon
  • Shower, changing room
  •     Fare adjustment office
  • Shoe rack
  • Exit

1. Ticket box

  • Ticket purchase (main building 1st floor ticket box)

2. Entry gate

  • Food keeping and stroller
    (Individual articles except beverage, water, weaning food, and patent’s food are not allowed, including food, mat, liner, etc.)
  • When keeping strollers
    (Prepare individual lock to prevent robbery loss.)
  • Ticket check
    Check carry items
    Carry items (bag check, etc.) are checked while entering at the gate, we ask your generous understanding.
  • Valuables keeping 
    Our company does not take responsibility for the loss or robbery in case of not keeping valuables in the storage box.

3. Shoe rack

  • Use shoe rack in the number on your ticket after entering taking off shoes
  • Separate and take the locker key at the shoe rack (When shoe rack is open, it is not locked again)

4. Changing room

  • Changing room, shower (Use the locker in the same number with shoe rack no.)
  • Mixed gender entry is possible in case of children (until 5 years old) with guardian.
    ※ When unavailable to check with naked eye, proof data is required (family relation certificate, medical insurance)

5. Blue Canyon

  • Paid facilities with locker key / Food and beverage facilities (deferred pay system)
    1. Children, the elderly and infirm should use the facilities with guardian.
    2. Be careful not to lose the key. 
        (When lost, compensation. 25,000won)

6. Shower, changing room

  • Children(until 5) with guardian Mixed gender entry available in case of family.
    ※ In case of being unavailable to check with the naked eye, proof material is required (family relation certificate, medical insurance)
  • Mixed gender cannot enter sauna, shower, and changing room in case over 5 years old.
    However, according to situation, mixed gender is not allowed regardless of age.

7. Fare adjustment office

  • Payment (In case of any use)

8. Shoe rack

  • Shoe rack locker is not open when payment is not adjusted.
  • Locker key should be put as the initial state.

9. Exit

  • Exit