Nature Lifestyle Hotel

Relaxation in nature

Phoenix Hotel in Pyeongchang, surrounded by beautiful nature,
is renewed by adding graceful and stylish elements.


  • Superior Room

    A cozy place for a peaceful break,
    enjoying beautiful scenery

    Detail: Bedroom 1 / Bathroom 1 / Toilet 1
    Bed Type: Twin/Double

  • Korean Room

    A place with stylish design,
    adding Korean-style interior elements

    Detail: Bedroom 1 / Bathroom 1 / Bathtub 1 / Toilet 1
    Bed Type: Floor heating system

  • Suite Room

    A private place where you can enjoy
    all seasons of Pyeongchang

    Detail: Living room1 / Bedroom1 / Bathroom1
    / Bathtub1 /Toilet1 / Bar1
    Bed Type: Double

  • Club Suite Room

    A Suite connected to Superior Room
    for the use of a larger room

    Detail: Living room1 / Bedroom2 / Bathroom2
    / Bathtub1 /Toilet3 / Bar1
    Bed Type: Double

  • Presidential Suite Room

    A private place harmonized with
    the top-grade furniture and art pieces

    Detail: Bedroom2 / Bathroom2 / Bathtub1
    / Toilet3 / Wardrobe3 / Kitchen1 / library1
    Bed Type: Double

  • Party Suite Room

    A special Suite equipped with a large indoor pool
    for having special events and parties

    Detail: Bedroom2 / Bathroom2 / Indoor pool1
    / Toilet2 / Wardrobe2 / Kitchen1
    Bed Type: Double


Pyeongchang Phoenix Hotel offers you differentiated dining services.
You can enjoy sensuous haute cuisine made of fresh local ingredients from Pyeongchang, by hand of hotel chefs.
Enjoy cuisine made of fresh ingredients and leisurely atmosphere at a sensuous place designed with artistic ornaments.

ondo Contemporary Asian Cuisine

It is a restaurant offering dining services all day, where you can enjoy breakfast in the morning, stylish lunch in the afternoon, and single main dishes, such as steak and trout, and wines for dinner in the evening.

  • Location: 5th floor at Phoenix Hotel
  • Number of seats: 150
Abeto Lounge Cafe

A lounge café where you can enjoy aromatic coffee and tea, watching the scenery through the window for all seasons

  • Location: 1st floor at Phoenix Hotel
  • Number of seats: 60

Meetings & Events

Host a special event at Phoenix Hotel’s signature banquet hall that presents different views in each season.
This place offers you a chance to throw various scales of banquets with hospitable facilities and the best services.

Forest Hall

Large-size banquet hall

Forest Hall is Phoenix Hotel’s signature banquet hall where you can organize various events, offering different sceneries in each season with curtain walls.

  • Location: 2F
  • Number of people acceptable: 350~370
  • Size: 605㎡
Timber Hall

Medium-size banquet hall

Timber Hall, a medium-size banquet hall at Phoenix Hotel, shows green nature from the entrance. This place is fully equipped with stage facilities, divisible into three spaces, so as to organize events with various purposes.

  • Location: 2F
  • Number of people acceptable: 300
  • Size: 532㎡
Agenda Room Ⅰ/Ⅱ/Ⅲ

Small-size meeting room

Phoenix Hotel is also equipped with a small-size meeting room designed with Smart Furnishing.

  • Location: 2F
  • Number of people acceptable: 50~100
  • Size: 288㎡/128㎡/192㎡

Lounge & Facility

Play Lounge

A place that takes the initiative
in Apres Ski Culture

This place is for enjoying a break in the daytime, watching the slope, and for skiers with friends and lovers to create their own community in the nighttime.

  • Location: 2F
Executive Lounge

Library-style VIP Lounge

A private lounge where you can enjoy a cup of tea, taking a peaceful break

  • Location: 11F
Business Lounge

A place with cozy atmosphere that supports digital business

Business Lounge that supports simple computer/fax businesses

  • Location: 2F